Directions for Trading Virii with Me

I do not post virii here on my page. If you are not interested in trading virii, please visit my links page for many fine websites that offer downloads: Tally's Virii Link Reference Otherwise, read on and prepare to increase your collection!

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[Click here to download my 05/07/99 logs (@600K)]
[Click here to e-mail your log files] Send F-PROT, AVP or DrSol (DOS versions only).
Use these command line parameters:
* AVPDOS32 /O /S /Y /* /M /B /P /V /W=AVP.LOG C:\VIRII
Substitute your directory for C:\VIRII. Make sure you use these command line parameters or we will both end up with files we don't need.
Scanner versions for my log files:
AVP b 129 for DOS /32, Update 04/24/99, Update 04/30/99, Update 05/07/99
DrSol 7.95 (no direct link)
F-Prot 3.04, 5-7-99, FP-DEF.ZIP 3-29-99
If you have any that I need, I will send you a list of what I need.
You send me those virii and ask me for 3 times that number in return. [Click here to e-mail the virii]
You will get: 3-1 for fully identified virii that are new for me. 1-1 for unknowns (F-Prot ".unknown?", DrSol "This virus is like", AVP "warning"). I will send you 1 for every one I request from you otherwise. If I get a bunch of improperly compiled EXE's, renamed object files or other junk I will not request anything from your logs (Most of you that I trade with have not been sending junk).
The transmission or possession of destructive programs may be illegal in your area. Please make sure of this before engaging in any downloading or trading.
I am a member of the Virus Trading Center. You can view a list of our members here.
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This many people have thought about trading virii since Feb 1999: