VirusKeeper 1

Last update 12/18/99
Click here to download VK 1 release 8

Click here to download the zipped/non-zipped mode conversion utility. You only need this program if you will be converting between zipped mode and non-zipped mode.


VirusKeeper One is a full-featured virus collection manager. It will take your virus logs, archive your viruses, give you reports and help you access your viruses. It will generate requests from other people's logs and fill their requests for viruses. VirusKeeper has probably the most careful virus checking of any freeware collection system. With VirusKeeper, your worries about virus handling, collection organization and management are over!


  1. Accurate parsing of logs, no missing some variants of viruses.
  2. Automatic handling and archiving of viruses for safe handling.
  3. Easy to use browsing system allowing comparison of AVP and FPROT virus naming.
  4. Support for fully, partially and suspiciously IDed viruses, trojans and backdoors, damaged, droppers, object files and more.
  5. Trade ratio calculation.
  6. Easily view and compare viruses in the browse screen - and Search!
  7. Automatic log detection.
  8. Automatic handling of private viruses.
  9. Automatically zips up undetected viruses.
  10. Individual statistics pages for each scanner.
  11. Ability to build up database from scanner logs.
  12. Simple, one time configuration of system options.
  13. Configurable number of viruses per zip.
  14. Online/HTML documentation.
  15. Makes extra zips of new files for sharing with others.
  16. Share/UNshare files according to logs.
  17. Run in zipped/non-zipped mode.

VirusKeeper One Releases

Thanks to all who test VK, suggest new features and report bugs!